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Those people who were born in the 1980’s and 1990’s know what kind of role table clocks used to play in our lives. We all remember the days when our mom used to set the alarm time and place it over our head to wake us up in time and instil the habit of rising early in us. Today, the scene is a lot different. People have multiple gadgets to tell you the time and smartphones to wake you from your slumber. But no matter how many gadgets you use, there is no sound as the old traditional ‘tringg’ that does a good job at waking people up. Oh yes, it’s still popular even after decades. You would be surprised to know that after wall clocks, table clocks are still dominating the world of clocks. It’s quite popular among all age groups. 


Time keeping is not the only role Table Clocks play today. Most interior designers and homemakers are using them as a decorative piece to make their living area beautiful. You must have seen antique clock designs adorning the otherwise empty mantle place or shelves in the living room of many high-end houses of bureaucrats and celebrities. Well, guess what, you don’t have to look at these houses in pictures. In fact, you can make your place look like them by keeping just a few things in mind. The trick is to keep an eye out for details. You can buy table clocks online that go with the decor and theme of your rooms. And, if organised carefully, these clocks can add value to your house and enhance its ambience. 


1) Ganesha Illustration Table Clock Online India.



2) Cute Ganesha Illustration Table Clock Online India.



3) Shiva Polyart Table Clock Online India.



4) Ganesha Art Table Clock Online India. 



5) Shiva Psychedelic Illustration Table Clock Online India.



6) Om Is Key To Happiness Table Clock Online India.



7) Ganesha Illustration Green Table Clock Online India.



8) Ganeshaya Namah Table Clock Online India.



9) Ganesha Line Art Table Clock Online India.



10) Buddha Illustration Table Clock Online India.


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