What is a Lefty Watch?

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“Lefty watches?”

“You mean there really are any specially made watches for left handed people?”

My younger brother asked me with an incredulous look on his face. I blinked and smiled uncertainly – not sure it was just an innocent question or just a left-handed compliment!

My younger brother, a left-handed person, was of course genuinely delighted with the watch that I had just given him as a birthday gift. Finally, he had a watch where he could handle the controls without taking it off of his wrist, or getting himself into a twist! The world is mostly right handed, and almost all the equipment and gadgets are designed as if they will be used only by right-handed persons.

But what about the left handed people? If you really want to get an idea of what they must be facing day in and day out – do this simple exercise (I mean, if you are right handed!) – just wear your wristwatch on your right hand, and try to wind the crown with your left hand! Trust me, it isn’t easy. Of course, if you are ambidextrous – it is a different matter altogether!

This incident has spurred me to do some research, some digging on the internet for the best watches for left handed people. Here are a few of the best left handed BigOwl watches, that are specially made for left handed people. But before that, let us understand what exactly is a lefty watch.




What is so special or different about lefty watches? Well, they are no different from the normal, “right-handed” watches. They tell the time, date and day in exactly the same manner. The only point of difference is the location of the crown. In left handed watches – the crown is placed on the left side of the dial. This makes it much easy and convenient for left handed people to handle the crown and other controls.

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